Team Year 2024 Team

Kash & Germ

Play as a hermit crab, exploring the ruins of a house lost to sea level rise. Find new shells while evading predators and solving puzzles.

Slimey Hatch Studios

A Roguelike RPG where you draw your own character in 'Pant' and use it to delete all of the files on a retro windows-esque computer desktop!

Yellow Whale

Project: FLUX is a pixel puzzle platformer in which you must solve given a set amount – or none – of Double Jumps, Gravity Shifts, or Teleportation per level.

Willow Studios

LAW 56 is a multiplayer, ice hockey party brawler. Players hit, skate, jump, grind, and shoot their way to victory in futuristic arenas.


Vextorial is a unique mechanical puzzle-platformer about Pilo changing gravity and switching planes with a simple click in the matrix world.

Studio Morgan

A cosy, first person metal detector adventure game, where you reunite residents of the Cornish island of Glasden with things they have lost.

Tombstone Studios

Physics-based tomfoolery? Launching anything and everything around a 15th century Gothic tower? Magical medieval mayhem?Robes & Wrinkles.


Test your skills and split your focus in a rhythm/arcade game fusion! Two gameplay styles merge into one in the wild world of SoundCaster!

Purr Point Production

Do you love animals and need to chill? Join our Kaiju cat on her quest to save her kittens by flattening a city with broken physics!

PigMe Studios

PigMe Studios is on a mission to create the next cosy narrative game, evoking the nature of English horticulture and local businesses.