Purr Point Production

Purr Point Productions

Project Name: Cat-a-strophic

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @Purr_Point

Local Hub: London College of Communication

Many members of Purr Point’s team come from the UK, mainly based around the bustling city of London, but a few of our other members originate from different parts of Europe and Asia. Several of our team came together at the end of UAL’s 2023 Games Design Masters course, and it was there that we created the first version of Cat-a-strophic, which at the time was called Cat-o-tonic.

If you wish to play this early version of our game, you can find it on itch.io. and please let us know your thoughts we’d love to hear your feedback. When we first unveiled Cat-o-tonic at an open day, we saw its potential from the joy it brought players that day. It’s our wish to foster this potential and create a game that others can enjoy, and thanks to Tranzfuer, they have granted us the opportunity.

About the project

Cat-a-strophic is a 3D sandbox destruction game with a toon-shaded style, where players play as a kaiju cat, rampaging across the city to cause maximum destruction.

The player can move and swipe with paws, use telekinesis to pick up and throw debris and objects, and cause a massive explosive bundle of destruction. The game’s core philosophy and desired impact is to “unstress players by providing a light-hearted environment for destruction while playing as a massive cat”. Often, life can be stressful; Cat-a-strophic strives to provide a cosy environment to enjoy some harmless, unstressing destruction.


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We applied to Tranzfuser because we saw the whole program as a fantastic opportunity to start our careers in the games industry with grant assistance. This is our moment to look further, build a company, and develop games.

Tranzfuser offers us the support of industry professionals to help guide us in establishing stable foundations so that, in the future, we can design and develop extraordinary games. Starting out can be challenging as many unknowns lie before us, especially in today's games industry. With Tranzfuser's expert guidance, we will gain the necessary experience in developing a game, pitching to future investors and how successfully marketing our games to our audiences.

Project Lead