Studio Morgan

Studio Morgan

Project Name: Morgan: Metal Detective

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @MorganMetalGame

Local Hub: Tranzfuser Virtual Hub

We are Studio Morgan, based in London. We met whilst studying at the National Film and Television School. We worked together on Morgan: Metal Detective during our final year project at the school, got on really well and wanted to continue development, so we formed Studio Morgan in November 2023.

Tranzfuser will give us the ability to focus solely on the development of Morgan: Metal Detective and help us to finish the game! We’re looking forward to forming relationships with the other members of the cohort and the learnings that will come from the programme.

About the project

Morgan: Metal Detective offers players an opportunity to relax, explore and experience that childlike sense of wonder as they skip around the Cornish island of Glasden. As players explore the island using their trusty metal detector, they will find many types of items hidden underground. Players can take these items to Cenna’s shop, exchange them for credits and purchase sticker packs and film for their instant camera. The player can then decorate their journal with these stickers and the photos they have taken.

Each of the residents of Glasden has objects they have lost, and Morgan must search the island with her metal detector to find these lost treasures. These quests ask the player to engage and really think about the potential location of the lost item. On returning, each of these characters rewards Morgan with a unique cassette tape which the player can listen to whilst they’re exploring.


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We're super stoked to be part of Tranzfuser. We applied because its a renowned programme which has seen dozens of brilliant game devs pass through. All of our team graduated from the National Film and Television School in January 2024, and the timing of Tranzfuser was perfect to help bridge us to the next stage of our game development journey. The funding provided from the programme will allow us to focus on the development of our game and we feel honoured to be part of the new awesome cohort of Tranzfuser teams!
Project Lead