Tranzfuser 2022 is now closed and concluded. The following information is supplied for reference only.

What can I win if I apply?

All teams to receive a £6,000 prize allocated during the course of the competition and have access to a tailored programme that aims to get them ready for successful pitching for further funding.

Do I need to apply with a complete game idea?

No, but we expect application forms to cover the core premise of the idea along with a draft project plan and evidence as to why you believe this idea could be an indie success.

I have work commitments over the competition. Can I still apply?

We recommend that Tranzfuser team members’ time over the duration of the programme is spent on Tranzfuser due to the time that it takes to create and develop their game IP, work effectively together as a team, attend events and submit programme deliverables. However, we also understand that life does go on and people need to work. We would recommend that team work part time and only if they have no other choice work full time. Team members will be requested to track their time and progress.

I'm interested in Tranzfuser but I don't want to be a Team Leader. Can I still get involved?

You’ll need to identify someone who would act as Team Leader for the application. 

What do I do if I want to apply but I'm not already in a team?

Use the Teams Board to help search for a team to join or fill a vacancy.

Someone in my team has worked in the Games Industry. Can he/she/they still join my team?

Yes, but they must meet the Team Criteria.

Are we able to use contractors for development?

Teams can use contractors to carry out a bespoke piece of work that is not production critical and only takes up a short time to complete. They would not be considered as core team members and are in addition to meeting the team number requirements. It is up to the team to have appropriate working agreements / contracts in place with contractors. Teams are wholly responsible for any costs or expenditure incurred by the contractor. Contractors must meet the competition criteria outlined for core team members.


Applicants can be from disciplines other than those related to games development, but they will be required to demonstrate how the core team will be shaped to enable them to deliver their prototype successfully.


Engagement with your Local Hub will depend on current COVID restrictions. The level of support provided by a Local Hub will vary and any support offered will be agreed between each party at the beginning of the programme.

If you aren’t already aligned to one of our Local Hubs don’t be deterred from applying. We’ll work out the best way you can get involved once we see your application.

Will I retain the IP in my project after the competition?

Yes. We never take ownership of IP. However,  we will hold your IP in trust to manage any disputes for the duration of the competition.

I am enrolled and studying at a UK University but because of the COVID pandemic I have had to return to my home country to continue my studies online.
Can I still participate as a team member?

Provided your student status / eligibility to study in the UK remains in force during the course of the programme you can be part of a team.

In practice, this means that:

  • The team member will need to provide valid documentation from their University to state they are studying at their institution. This will take the form of an official letter on the University letter head signed by a tutor or current matriculation card.
  • It is the responsibility of the team to work out appropriate workflow plans to ensure that any time zone differences are taken into consideration and this does not impact production output and final delivery of the prototype.
  • Teams must keep in mind that if they are selected for UK Games Fund grant funding they will need to have a plan in place for their business being incorporated in the UK and have set up means to renumerate their employees via PAYE and comply with the bullet point above regarding all founders and employees.

Please read all of the criteria regarding eligibility.

How will my application be assessed?

Assessment will be made by the UK Games Talent and Finance team and the Local Hub to which you apply.

We've been working on our concept already. Are we still able to apply?

Whilst we don’t want to penalise teams for already having developed their idea / game, the selection process needs to be a fair for all participants. If you have been working on a concept for a long period of time this will be taken into consideration when assessing your application. You should demonstrate what you are going to achieve over the summer, how participating will contribute to the success of your game and how you are going to make use of your time effectively to develop what you have further.

Our business is already established. Are we still able to apply?

If your team meets our criteria, then Yes! You can still apply.  However you may want to consider applying directly to  the UK Games Fund (when calls for applications are open and where your application would meet the criteria).

Still got a question?

We’ll do what we can to help with any questions that are not answered by the information supplied here.