Willow Studios

Willow Studios 

Project Name: LAW 56

Player Type: Multiplayer

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @WillowStudios_

Local Hub: University of South Wales

Willow Studios is a Cardiff-based studio proud to represent the University of South Wales. We are a mix of Welsh, English, and one lost Canadian who are determined to bring an exciting ice hockey (just “hockey” to some) experience to an audience that might not be as familiar with the game. We were drawn to working together as we recognized a strong commitment to not only pursuing a high standard of game development, but a willingness to push each other creatively to be the best we can be.

We hope participation in Tranzfuser will give us the platform needed to share our take on a game we love so much to groups of friends just like us who love playing and competing with each other. Tranzfuser will give us the opportunity and experience to formalize our work together as Willow Studios and release LAW 56.

About the project

LAW 56 is coming to Steam to take you to the not-so-distant future of ice hockey.

Player safety is no longer a concern as the crowds have grown bored with the subdued viewing experience. The sport has been revamped to feature more advanced movement capabilities and minimal rules around violence. Players are equipped with booster packs to facilitate fast movement and more crunching hits on opponents, and with skates that can be used to run along walls or grind rails. The arenas are littered with item boxes to give players a leg up on their opponents and players must use all their skill to traverse the arenas effectively.

Made for groups of friends, prior hockey knowledge not required! Jump into an arena and batter your friends across the map, out-manoeuvre them, and rip the puck past the robo-goalie to crown yourself the LAW 56 hockey champion.


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The University of South Wales has consistently had a strong representation in the Tranzfuser program. It has been our goal as a team to participate in Tranzfuser and continue representing USW since we conceived of LAW 56 in the Autumn 2023. Naturally, we were thrilled when our acceptance came through. As we leave university behind, the team is cognizant of our futures in the industry and what shape our careers will take.

We were drawn to Tranzfuser to gain experience working in a professional environment and meeting the demands of producing a game for commercial release that we can take with us in our future endeavours.

We are excited to continue working together and forming a studio with the guidance of Tranzfuser in these crucial formative stages and gaining a deeper understanding of what not only forming, but sustaining, an indie studio will entail.

Project Lead