Yellow Whale

Yellow Whale 

Project Name: Project: FLUX

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @projectfluxgame

Local Hub: ACM Games Academy Guilford

Sarah Harrison and Kian Jervis are recent graduates from UCA Farnham who graduated in 2023 and Cameron Wyllie-Summers is also a current UCA Farnham student graduating in 2024. Sarah and Kian started the project together, with Cameron joining months later to assist in sound and social media management.

We are all very ambitious and excited about being chosen for Tranzfuser and are extremely excited for what this means for Project: FLUX! We have so much passion and ambition for this project, and with the assistance from the Tranzfuser team and the funding that is granted, we hope to publish Project: FLUX and for the projects future success. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and hope to make the best of it and the best for our team and our project.

About the project

Project: FLUX is a pixel puzzle platformer that uses utilities such as Gravity Shift, Teleportation, and Double Jumps to solve the puzzle by finding the exit to each room. The unique take on Project: FLUX is that the utility is limited, you are given a set amount – or none – of Double Jumps, Gravity Shifts, or Teleportation per level.

Project: FLUX has a rating of PEGI 3 as it is suitable for all age groups. The puzzles increase gradually in difficulty without being too difficult to those who are not usually gamers. The style holds a sense of familiarity and nostalgia to those who are older whilst maintaining simplicity to those who are younger. If a level is too difficult, they are unlocked in batches and can be skipped, as well as help options. For more experienced gamers, we have a speedrunning implementation for those who want a challenge.


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Our team was recommended to apply to Tranzfuser from a previous Tranzfuser winner, Team Skera. We admired their success and the route they took to push their project into the public, and are honoured they have high hopes for our game!

We saw the opportunities that Tranzfuser offers and the ability to establish ourselves in the industry early in our careers as recent graduates. Since hearing about Tranzfuser, we have went to talks at events like WASD and heard about the opportunities that previous applicants had and the impact Tranzfuser made for them in their careers.

We have had high hopes to be picked, and have a strong passion for the success of Project: FLUX. We have attended several events such as GGFest24, Insomnia 72, Barclay’s Game Frenzy, and WASD where we had such a positive experience with players extremely interested in our demo - making us so excited!

Project Lead