Local Hubs

Each year a number of Local Hubs across the UK are selected, through a simple and free process, to meet the UK Games Talent and Finance (CIC) accreditation for support to ensure consistency of experience for participants.

Find out more about Local Hub registration here

Our Local Hub Network

local hub support

Levels and types of support will differ from region to region depending on resource availability and local guidelines; support could be in the form of mentors in a specific field, input from industry experts or daily / weekly input from Local Hub co-ordinators.
It should be noted that Local Hubs are participating in Tranzfuser voluntarily.

Nominate a Local Hub

Can’t find a Hub to which you can apply? If you know of an organisation (or are part of one) that would work well as a Local Hub, simply complete the Nominate Hub form.

Apply directly

If your team are dispersed across the UK and are not students/graduates at our Local Hubs, you can apply directly here.

Complete the Team

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