Project Name: Vextorial

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @VEXT_GAMES

Local Hub: Manchester Metropolitan University

Our team, VEXT GAMES, is a diverse and talented group with members hailing from Hong Kong, the UK, Nigeria, Mauritius, and beyond. United by our shared passion for game development, we bring together a wide range of skills and experiences. Each of us is dedicated to creating exciting gameplay experiences that captivate and engage players. Our unique backgrounds and expertise allow us to approach game design from various perspectives, ensuring innovation and creativity in every project.

We believe our studio’s core values—Versatility, Evolution, Xtraordinary creativity, and Tenacity—set us apart. We are committed to adapting to market changes, driving innovation, and creating unique games that stand out. Tranzfuser offers us the opportunity to refine our project, Vextorial, and gain the support and recognition needed to bring our vision to life. We are eager to showcase our talents and take our game development journey to new heights.

About the project

Vextorial is a groundbreaking 2.5D mechanical puzzle game for PC, offering a unique gameplay experience. Players navigate levels using gravity changes and plane-switching, creating endless opportunities for intricate level design and complex tactics. By switching between Gnomonic and Orthographic modes with a simple click, players solve puzzles and reach goals through a series of permutations. The puzzle map itself is a level, where the gravity of the map and the in-game levels affect each other, providing meta-puzzle challenges.

In this adventure, players play as the main character, Pilo, as he uncovers the secrets of the matrix world. Along the way, Pilo encounters new mechanisms and inhabitants, adding depth and intrigue to the unknown world. Together with the innovative puzzle gameplay, Vextorial will deliver an unparalleled puzzle-solving experience.


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As the Project Lead, I believe that success comes from thinking beyond conventional ideas and embracing innovative solutions. We applied to Tranzfuser because it offers a unique platform to challenge ourselves, learn from industry experts, and grow as a cohesive unit.

This opportunity allows us to refine our skills, push the boundaries of our creativity, and collaborate in ways that elevate our collective potential. Tranzfuser is not just a competition for us; it’s a chance to transform our team into a driving force of innovation in the game development industry.

Project Lead