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This year’s competition has now concluded

27 graduate teams took part in this year’s competition. Over the summer, each team has worked in a remote way around the UK.  The teams recently recently presented their games at our first online showcase, ProtoPlay. Those selected for support from the UK Games Fund will be announced soon.

Tranzfuser 2020 team details can be found here.

What is Tranzfuser?

Tranzfuser is all about boosting the UK’s future games development talent. Our main focus is on helping new teams come together and develop new games IP as a learning journey. Our UK Games Fund is ready to help teams who pitch to us successfully at our showcase event.

But this sector is all about your experience as demonstrated by your project portfolio.

Essentially, you are your portfolio of completed projects.

Tranzfuser 2020 has supported team members who aspire to build a commercially sustainable studio or simply pursue a career as an employee or freelancer and want to use their project as evidence of their talent.

The Tranzfuser 2020 competition has now wrapped up, but the following information is available for reference for interested parties.

I’m interested. What’s involved?

You will:

Build A Team

Teams should have a broad balance of roles, made up of no less than 4 and no more than 6 team members (this includes the team leader).


  • Apply as Team Leader with a team of between 3-5 developers to help take your game from concept to playable demo


  • Apply as an individual leader ready and capable of recruiting between 3-5 other developers to work your concept to a playable demo


  • Seek out a leader who is forming a team and get yourself included in their application

We will consider applicant’s eligibility on an individual basis. Contact help@ukgamestalent.com if you have any questions.

Get Local Support

Team Leaders will have access to current Tranzfuser Local Hubs or they can nominate their own Local Hub. Find full details on all Hubs and how to apply to them here.

***Tranzfuser is launching during the present uncertainty around COVID-19. All elements of the competition that relate to meetings and events at Local Hubs are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Local policies and restrictions may affect access to local hubs.***

Get Funding

  • Successful applicant teams will be awarded £5,000 (paid via the Team Leader). Payments will be split into two payments of £2,500 and issued at the beginning and end of the competition on successful completion of Tranzfuser deliverables.
  • All teams will be invited to pitch their prototype idea at our showcase event for up to £20,000 UK Games Fund grant funding.


  • All Tranzfuser teams will have the opportunity to practice pitch their game idea at our summer Pitch Event (details TBC).
  • Teams will hone their pitching skills as they present their game and business idea to multiple publishers and industry experts.

Showcase Your Prototype

  • It is our intention that all teams will experience showcasing their prototype at a high-profile national consumer show, engaging with their target audience and networking with industry experts and judges.

***Tranzfuser is launching during the present uncertainty around COVID-19. All elements of the competition that relate to meetings and events are subject to change or cancellation without notice.***

Commercialise your Game

  • At our Autumn showcase event, all teams will be invited to pitch for follow-on funding of up to £20k from the UK Games Fund to commercialise their game and launch their company.
  • Selected teams will be supported as one of the UK Games Fund portfolio companies.

How will my application be judged?

Judging criteria:

Prototype Idea

Tell us all about your video game idea!

  • Highlight why you think the concept is new/innovative and could be the next ‘smash hit’ game
  • Outline the direction in which your team would want to take this project. Will it:
    • act as a stepping stone to business success, or
    • support your teams as they develop their portfolios?

Project Management Skills

  • Team Leaders should act as talented managers, not only of projects but budgets, people and everything else that comes with leading a games development project.
  • Team Leaders should understand the scope of their project, producing clearly defined project plans and achievable milestones to guide the team through the prototype development period.
  • Team Leaders should demonstrate an understanding of the costs associated in taking part in the competition.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Let us know your plans for the future and how you are going to use this opportunity to help achieve your goals.
  • Your application will have to show how and why the Team Leader is the natural leader for the team and how you are going to take them forward to great things.
  • Leadership can be demonstrated in any number of ways (work experience, leading student societies, etc.).

The Dream Team

  • We’re looking for applicants who can quickly build a diverse team full of talented individuals with a wide range of skills.
  • Help us to have a clear understanding of the team members’ personal ambition and why Tranzfuser will help them achieve their ambition.
  • Each team member should define their role and contribution to the team.

Beyond Tranzfuser

Your application will demonstrate your future aspirations beyond Tranzfuser.

How you will take your idea for a game from a passion project:

  • to a starting point for a sustainable video games development business, or
  • using it to enhance your portfolio

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