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Jamfuser Game Jam Announced

Tranzfuser 2019 News Coming Soon

Tranzfuser 2018 is now closed. The information provided below is for reference only.

For full details about our new game jam see the Jamfuser page.

Tranzfuser 2019 News Coming Soon

Tranzfuser 2018 is now closed. The information provided below is for reference only.

Tranzfuser™ is the popular talent development programme brought to you by UK Games Talent and Finance CIC, working with a host of regional contributors and funded by UK Government. We are now CLOSED for applications for the 2018 competition. The information provided below is for reference only. 

I’m interested. What’s involved?

You will:

Build A Team

Teams should have a healthy balance of roles, made up of no less than 4 and no more than 6 team members (this includes the team leader).


  • Apply as Team Leader with a team of between 3-5 developers to help take your game from concept to playable demo


  • Apply as an individual leader ready and capable of recruiting between 3-5 other developers to work your concept to a playable demo


  • Seek out a leader who is forming a team and get yourself included in their application

Get Local Support

  • Team Leaders will have access to current Tranzfuser™ Local Hubs or they can nominate their own Local Hub. We have the largest network of Local Hubs to date for this year’s competition. Find full details on all Hubs and how to apply to them here.

Get Funding

  • Teams will work over the summer on the project, starting June through to September.
  • Successful applicant Team Leaders will be awarded £5k to allocate as they choose for the duration of the project to produce a demo that will be taken to our showcase event at the end of September.

Showcase Your Prototype

  • Experience showcasing your prototype at a high-profile national games show.  Engage with your target audience and network with industry experts and judges.  This is your opportunity to show the world what you have developed and to gather valuable feedback to take your prototype to the next stage of development.

Commercialise your Game

  • At our showcase event in September, all teams will be invited to pitch for follow-on funding of up to £25k from the UK Games Fund to commercialise their game and launch their company.
  • Selected teams will be supported as one of the UK Games Fund portfolio companies.

How will my application be judged?

Judging criteria:

Prototype Idea

  • Why you think the concept is new/innovative and commercially viable and will be successful in a highly competitive market
  • How you and your team could publish and market your game
  • Consider how this project will act as a stepping stone to business success

Project Management Skills

  • Team Leaders should act as talented managers, not only of projects but budgets, people and everything else that comes with leading a games development project.
  • Team Leaders should understand the scope of their project, producing clearly defined project plans and achievable milestones to guide the team through the prototype development period.
  • Team Leaders should demonstrate an understanding of the costs associated in taking part in the competition.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • This can be demonstrable in any number of ways and not necessarily from having had professional experience within the games industry.
  • Your application will have to show how and why the Team Leader is the natural leader for the team and how you are going to take them forward to great things.

The Dream Team

  • We’re looking for applicants who can quickly build a diverse team full of talented individuals with a wide range of skills. Teams that don’t just comprise a group from a single university will score higher, particularly if the leader can show how / why they’ve been recruited to the team.

Beyond Tranzfuser

  • Your application will demonstrate your future aspirations beyond Tranzfuser. How you will take your idea for a game from a passion project to a platform for a sustainable video games development business?

Applicants must:

Teams can apply with the following composition:

    • All or most team members (including the team leader) must graduate* between the dates of June 2016 to September 2018.

This means:

    • You can be in your final year of study so long as you are on track to graduate by September 2018.
    • You successfully graduated after June 2016.

Teams can also include between 1-2 team members (depending on team size) who are students** currently studying at university level but who will not graduate by September 2018.

Teams cannot:

    • be solely made up of students.
    • have most of its members classed as students.

*Graduate – awarded an undergraduate, first academic degree or masters / other postgraduate degree.
**Student – studying at university level undergraduate or masters / other postgraduate degree but will not graduate by September 2018.

  1. You are able to gather a team together with the relevant qualifications and experience, i.e. have completed a science or art degree relevant to games development.
  2. We’re not necessarily looking for professional experience but applicants are expected to provide evidence of experience, for example,  programming / digital art / production / game design etc (coursework and project work are fine for this purpose).
  3. Have a residential address in the UK.
  4. Further information can be found in the FAQ section and in the Tranzfuser 2018 Factsheet.

Tranzfuser EGX Showcase Video

Our 2018 Tranzfuser teams showcased their projects at EGX. Watch this short clip of the event to get a feel for how thing went.

Tranzfuser at EGX 2018

 Twitter Feed

Last year's #Tranzfuser winners @Mujo_Games are busy working away on new and exciting projects! Want to do what they do? Sign up now to #Jamfuser for an authentic taste of indie games development! bit.ly/2QS9VWH twitter.com/fakefrogsonly/…

About 4 hours ago from Tranzfuser's Twitter