Got a great idea for a game and a head for business? Tranzfuser is a catalyst for turning your dream into a reality.

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Got a great idea for a game and a passionate team to make it happen?

Tranzfuser gives talented UK-based graduates the opportunity to turn their passion and creativity into a long-term sustainable and commercial business. With a summer of support, community and fun ahead...what are you waiting for? Apply now!

What is Tranzfuser?

Tranzfuser supports UK graduates to build successful video game development studios, giving them the freedom and space to develop video game IP they want to make and see others play.

We are looking for teams that want to commercialise their IP and establish a sustainable studio, whilst refining their professional skills and engaging in key learning around business development.

Talent Development

Tranzfuser acts as a launchpad for talented teams who aspire to build a commercially sustainable studio.

Making an Impact

Harnessing your passion and talent for game development, Tranzfuser is here to fuel and encourage your ambition in making it in the sector.

Showcasing Skills

With a proven track record for shining a light on the most talented graduate game development teams, Tranzfuser teams will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the public in the very best light.

missing a team member?

All set to turn your dream of running your own indie dev studio into a reality this summer but missing a key role? Or are you a talented, passionate dev looking to join a team? We can help! Register your details with us today and we’ll try to help you get your A Team together.

Tranzfuser News Feed

Grads go for Gold as applications open!

“Tranzfuser 2023 really does offer the lucky teams that are selected the very best opportunity to take their idea for a game and turn it into a sustainable, profitable and ongoing business.”

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Global Game Jam Winners

This year’s Global Game Jam saw close to 40,000 participants submit their games across the network of more than 100 countries. The Tranzfuser sponsored Diversifier – Hidden Heritage – proved incredibly popular.

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We get it, it’s a lot to take in and you want your application to be the best it can be. We have a list of frequently asked questions – and the comprehensive answers – over on our FAQs page.

Past successes

Having been introduced in 2016, Tranzfuser has supported hundreds of passionate and talented developers from across the UK through. 

Hear directly from past particpants to get a flavour of what you can expect from Tranzfuser 2023.

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