Tombstone Studios

Tombstone Studios

Project Name: Robes & Wrinkles

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @TombStoneStudio

Local Hub: Canterbury Christ Church University

Tombstone Studios is a four-man team comprised of university Games Design graduates from Kent, South-East England.

Ranging from 20-30 years old, we have each known and worked closely with one another for 3 years now: being a dedicated bunch and having become a tight-knit group.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve each grown up playing games.
Surprisingly, given the age range, we each have very similar senses of humours and sensibilities!

We love injecting our mixture of quirky personalities and inspirations into our projects, and collectively, dream of turning our small team into a legitimate and thriving indie game studio …which is where we hope Tranzfuser will steer us.

We have experience in ‘hard’ skills, a good amount of game development knowledge – but we want to improve upon our business acumen.

We want to learn how to promote and market ourselves further within the industry;
one that we each want prosperous careers in.

About the project

Robes & Wrinkles is a: 3D, first-person, comedic dungeon crawler. Set in 15-16th century medieval times, the player is dropped into the shoes (…or more so the slippers) of a villainous …yet geriatric Necromancer.

Betrayed by an anonymous member of their rank: they are usurped from their throne and rule atop their tower and kicked down to its very pits. Progressing from room-to-room, ascending floor-to-floor: the player must reclimb.

Puzzles must be solved, abilities used strategically, and physics-based combat engaged in effectively to advance; facing warped and twisted remnants of former allies corrupted by the magic of the tower’s treacherous new ruler. Only when reaching the summit will the player be able to confront the turncoat, discover the truth and exact vengeance.

Designed for PC and Desktop play with potential for console transference, Robes & Wrinkles is aimed at a PEGI 12+ audience who enjoy action-adventure games featuring RPG elements.


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Tranzfuser is both an incredible opportunity and amazing platform for us to capitalise upon. For us to be able to be proactive. To show industry what our hardworking, humble and dedicated team is capable of.

We are firm believers in the saying: “Nothing changes if nothing changes”.

We applied because we are going to get out there and make the things that we want to happen, happen.

We are wholeheartedly invested, candid and forthright about our confidence, and ability, to not only be able to work in the games industry; but to be able to flourish within the games industry.

It is no secret that this industry is notoriously difficult to break into. Therefore, we cannot afford to wait around and expect it to come to us – we have to take contrary action and make it happen for ourselves.No one else is going to do it for us.

Project Lead