Project Name: SoundCaster

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @SoundCasterGame

Local Hub: University of Westminster

We are Team SoundCaster, and our goal is to only ever make fresh games! We are driven by creativity and we apply that in our approach to designing the game mechanics, characters and the world around them.

The choice to make a rhythm game came from a shared love of music across our team, and our individual tastes have led to a very diverse range of genres from which we can draw inspiration.

We offer:
– Never-before-seen ideas
– Tons of original music
– High quality pixel art graphics
– Badass character designs

About the project

SoundCaster merges rhythm gameplay with arcade-style action, creating a unique, never-before-seen experience for PC and, later, mobile platforms. Players use one hand to play rhythm sequences while navigating a character on a grid with the other, challenging both rhythm and peripheral vision.

With stunning visuals and a dynamic soundtrack, SoundCaster offers an engaging, immersive experience that will appeal to rhythm game enthusiasts and arcade game fans alike. Its innovative dual-tasking gameplay sets it apart, providing a fresh challenge for players seeking a new kind of interactive entertainment.

Dive into SoundCaster and test your skills in this exciting blend of music and movement!


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We applied to Tranzfuser because it offers an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate our growth as a team of game developers. The competition provides invaluable guidance, mentorship, and a platform to connect with industry professionals, which are crucial for our development and understanding of the UK market. This experience will enhance our skills, refine our business strategies, and help us build a sustainable studio.

The support from Tranzfuser will empower us to develop an industry-standard workflow, fostering seamless collaboration and efficient project management. Additionally, the networking opportunities and exposure to a community of like-minded startups will be instrumental in our journey.

Project Lead