Slimey Hatch Studios

Slimey Hatch Studios

Project Name: Arjybeasts

Player Type: Single and multiplayer


Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @SlimeyHatch

Local Hub: ACM Games Academy London

A Games Development team consisting of Sam Glancey (Team Lead and pretentious programmer), Harry Stott (dummy designer and elbow grease enjoyer) and Kristian Baird (Multi-skilled wonder boy). We all studied at ACM London where we taught ourselves the secrets of Unity and the recipe for how to apply elbow grease effectively to produce a polished product. University didn’t do much to help us but we wouldn’t have met each other if it wasn’t for them. Most of the students who choose to study games development think its going to be easy, and it was. The course awarded students a pass just for breathing. We, however, spent all our spare time developing, refining, researching and testing so that we wouldn’t feel the whiplash of the games industry coming out of university.

Slimey Hatch Studios: We make silly games, seriously.

About the project

‘Arjybeasts’, is a Rogue-Like, Turn-based RPG built in Unity for PC. The game is set within a teenager’s desktop computer from the skewed innocent perspective of his little brother. The pixel art style represents this with its playful and colourful nature. Elements of the computer are shown as being misinterpreted, such as the paint application being referred to as ‘Pant’, and computer image files being called ‘Arjybeasts’.

Players are tasked with clearing storage space on their computer by deleting the protagonist’s old drawings. The old drawings refuse to be deleted however, and must be battled using a new drawing done by the player in ‘Pant’, the in-game painting software.

The drawings, known as ‘Arjybeasts’, battle using the colour of the pixels. Each turn, players select pixels on their character, the RGB values of the pixel represent Attack, Defence, and Accuracy stats for that turn.

Also with online multiplayer!


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While Tranzfuser provides teams financial support to get started with, I'm primarily interested in the exposure. This will make us go from "those guys" to "those guys, from Tranzfuser 2024". Most Indie games don't ever see the light of publishing but I want to share our skills and humour with the rest of the UK and I believe Tranzfuser to be the perfect opportunity to do so.In addition to this, I'm also looking to get the recognition from my family that I think I deserve. Growing up, I have always been deemed lazy or lacking ambition, so I took these past 3 years to lock in and be ambitious. Tranzfuser is the perfect platform for me to prove to everyone how far I can go and change the opinions of everyone who knew me before university.
Project Lead