Kash & Germ

Kash & Germ 

Project Name: A Home Below

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Console or handheld consoles

Twitter: @kashngerm

Local Hub:Tranzfuser Virtual Hub

We are a family studio based in London, with diverse backgrounds in Cinema, Fine Art and Literature. Our three team members have come together to shake up the Game industry with highly developed visual storytelling, exploring the untapped potential of the medium, telling stories that haven’t been encountered in games before.

Our dream is to build a company that changes how nature is portrayed and interacted with in games, improving the UK game industry’s relationship with the climate crisis by telling researched stories from non-human perspectives.

Tranzfuser will enable us to show what we can do, by creating a short experimental demo (one small part of a feature-length game) that expresses our unique voice and interests as a studio.

About the project

A Home Below is a third-person console/PC adventure game set in an imagined near future. As the protagonist – a hermit crab – you explore the underwater ruins of a house lost to sea-level rise. Look for objects to use as shells giving you new abilities and challenges, encounter other sea creatures that may threaten or help you, and use your observations to solve puzzles while gradually untangling the story of what happened to the house’s previous occupants.
This is a climate-fiction game rooted in real relationships and plausible predictions, aimed at lovers of games such as Subnautica, Stray, and Gone Home. Feel what it’s like to be a scuttling, small part of a big, dark, complicated ecosystem in this atmospheric venture into the deep. Find us on Patreon for insight into our research, ideas, and development process – join us on our game-making journey.


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We applied to Tranzfuser to kickstart our studio. After self-publishing two games and getting selected for an indie showcase, we were ready to approach the industry. We came up with an ambitious new idea. However, it’s difficult making games in your free time in London. Also, we are self-taught without an existing network - with degrees non-specific to games. How can we reach a level of development where we are taken seriously by funding bodies and publishers?

Crucially, Tranzfuser provides time, support, and exposure. The time to build up momentum and create something exciting that can grow. The guidance of a facilitator to learn the language of business and present ourselves as a company, and exposure to professional interviews. This creates the perfect bridge to establishing trust with industry bodies to secure long-term funding - which we need to make our bold and ambitious plans for the future possible.

Project Lead