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Alumni Profiles

Find out what happened to teams and individuals from the past few years of the competition!

Alumni profile: Alessio Giustarini

ALUMNI PROFILE Alessio Giustarini - Mediashake, 2019 Team Tranzfuser Project Description A hardcore 2D pixel art rogue-like inspired by our love for the pioneers of the genre. Our ambition was to up the ante, creating a game for the hardcore audience who want a real challenge As you learn how to explore, fight, discover and [...]

Alumni profile: Caoimhe Roddy

ALUMNI PROFILE Caoimhe Roddy - Cold Sun Studios, 2016 Team Tranzfuser Project Description Tome Travellers was a colourful, physics-based, co-op RPG where you played with characters that couldn't control their arms. Players would have to frantically control the arms manually to fight enemies and solve environmental puzzles. Cold Sun Studios in 2016 Tranzfuser 2016 Teams [...]

Alumni profile: Emily Bailey

ALUMNI PROFILE Emily Bailey - Antler Studios, 2018 Team Tranzfuser Project Description Project Grove Our game, Project Grove, is a 3D adventure puzzle game for PC platforms. Explore the Forest of Dacrima as legendary alchemist Edric Tate, with your plucky robot companion L-P1N! Brew potions to solve puzzles in your search for a cure to [...]

Alumni profile: Pod O’Donnell

ALUMNI PROFILE Pod O'Donnell - Red Spear, 2016 Team Tranzfuser Project Description "Gravity Stomp was a first person gravity manipulation arena shooter. A first person shooter made with unreal engine in which the core mechanic was the ability to change your gravity to be one of 6 directions. Getting shot at? Choose the ceiling as [...]

Alumni profile: Brad Smith

ALUMNI PROFILE Brad Smith - Miracle Tea, 2016 Team Tranzfuser Project Description "We made a game called Ruya for Tranzfuser. Ruya is a meditative puzzle game about dreams and motherhood. You visit surrealist landscapes, decorate yourself in flowers and introspect. It's a calming minimal experience with juicy interactions and cool colour combinations to make you [...]

Alumni profile: Adam Boyne

ALUMNI PROFILE Adam Boyne - BetaJester, 2016 Team Tranzfuser Project Description Here There Be Monsters is a third-person RPG with open world exploration. You play as a god cast down from the heavens who seeks vengeance on the seven gods of the seven seas. Only by exploring, hunting, questing, trading and upgrading can you become [...]