Alumni Profile: Ethan Wall

ReEngage - 2022 Team

Tranzfuser Project Description

Engines of Destruction (EOD) is an FPS/mech hybrid game; focussing on the novel gameplay mechanics of the genre, and more expansive MilSim elements. Still in development, EOD strives for full community modding and server support. It’s the game we’ve always wanted to play.

Quick Q&A

If you could turn the clock back, would you do anything differently?

We strived to develop the game to emphasize its long term viablility at the detrement of short term playability.

Whilst this did work, we think we went too far into the long term strategy and would have benefited more, overall, from investing more time into making what we already had more fun.

What made you want to take part in the competition?

We knew that Tranzfuser was the best opportunity we could get to take our game development capabilities to the next level.

Why should the up-and-coming game dev talent of tomorrow apply to Tranzfuser?

If you compete in Tranzfuser and fail. There will be a reason for that and you can learn.

If you instead learned those lessons after failing in the business world, you might not have the opportunity to continue.

Tranzfuser is great because it lets you see what your capabilities are; and to know where to improve.

What benefits did Tranzfuser bring to your game dev career?

Tranzfuser taught us about the aspects of producing a successful game, that doesn’t involve game development itself. That is the business side of this journey.

Tranzfuser taught us about pitching and planning and gave us the opportunity to experiment and learn these skills.

What are you doing now?

We are continuing development with EOD whilst also seeking further funding opportunities, as well as studio-for-hire work, to continue development as rapidly as possible.