Alumni Profile: Max Elmore

Solar Flare London - 2021 Team

Tranzfuser Project Description

The game we worked on during Tranzfuser was Shikari X – a 3D Boss Rush with a retro, early-2000s aesthetic. It’s played from a third-person perspective and includes elements of shooting, platforming and puzzle solving. We decided to develop this game in particular as it calls back to the games we grew up with, so for each Boss battle we’re choosing to pay tribute to a different type of 2000’s game genre.

Quick Q&A

If you could turn the clock back, would you do anything differently?

Within the first few weeks of the project, we had a team member leave and as a result we needed to scale the project down in accordance. Overall, I would have liked to have had greater control on the ambition of the project and having a suitable scope in mind that we could reasonably develop. Ultimately polish is important, and while I am very happy with what we created as a team, it would have been ideal to have had the scope and milestones nailed from the start.

What made you want to take part in the competition?

We wanted to take part in Tranzfuser as we saw the competition as the ideal first step for University Graduates who wanted to start their own Indie Studio. The idea of dedicated development time to work on a project that we had started during our 3rd year of Uni was very appealing to us. Additionally, seeing that previous Brunel teams had won, gave us confidence in working hard to achieve our goals.

Why should the up-and-coming game dev talent of tomorrow apply to Tranzfuser 2022?

Up-and-coming game dev talent should apply as it is the ideal programme for university graduates who are looking to transition from higher education to the beginning of their independent game dev career. Having the chance to meet speakers and industry people will help broaden connections and increase skills through the lessons they can impart. In addition, with the opportunity of winning, it will support your studio for an additional few months and help you prepare for your next steps as a business.

What benefits did Tranzfuser bring to your game dev career?

During the process of Tranzfuser, we had dedicated development time to work on our game, which really helped us grow as a team and create a vision for our project. The first week Boot Camp prepared us for the aspects of running a business, whereby towards the end of the programme we were established as a registered company. Furthermore, the pitching sessions and practice we received, helped develop this valuable skill needed to approach potential investors.

What are you doing now?

As of now we are continuing work on Shikari X, looking to develop additional content and polish what we have, in order to hopefully secure a publishing deal. We’re also looking into other avenues with games we developed during our time at University, ultimately trying to set up some backup plans for ourselves. Finally, we’re also going out to events like Develop Brighton and Pocket Gamer Connects, to make new connections and increase our presence within the industry.