Alumni Profile: Joe Clark

Studio 316 - 2021 Team

Tranzfuser Project Description

Time Rivals is a fast paced multiplayer FPS, with unique hero characters and abilities and ultimate control over respawns with throwable clone pods letting the player use death to their advantage.

Quick Q&A

If you could turn the clock back, would you do anything differently?

To be honest, nothing at all. Kind of cheesy I know, but those lessons learnt are a necessary evil and pave the way for growth and experience. Sometimes it takes learning the hard way for things like over scoping, documentation, running the business detached from the emotion you feel for you games.

Always be mindful of the scope of your game, lean into the best parts of your teams ability, playtest as often as you can, make sure at least 1 person handles the business wholeheartedly, it’s not just about the games.

And don’t be afraid to diversify! Your skills and experience can help other companies and individuals create things!

What made you want to take part in the competition?

Initially, it was all about finding a way of continuing to develop Time Rivals. It was our passion project we just couldn’t give up. After applying and getting in, that evolved swiftly into using the opportunity to not only continue developing but build a business and start a game studio at possibly the best time in our lives’ to give it a shot.

Why should the up-and-coming game dev talent of tomorrow apply to Tranzfuser?

If you are a young team of developers coming out of Uni looking to make your studio a reality, Tranzfuser is a strong option to kickstart your careers and the best time for it is now, when you have less personal expense and overhead to worry about. Nothing to lose!

Even if you don’t win, or the team parts ways afterwards, the programme will give you the experience and confidence required to go on and find jobs in industry or make your own jobs.

What benefits did Tranzfuser bring to your game dev career?

Although bitter sweet due to losing out on the funding, Tranzfuser was the start of our journey in bringing our studio and business to life, and it has only continued snowballing since.

From the network it allowed us to build making way for client introductions through to the confidence it built in the team and their ability to not only create games, but socialise in industry, pitch your game, support your piers and more. Tranzfuser really kicked it all off for us.

We are now a self sustaining Co-Development and Game Development studio and it certainly wouldn’t be that way with out this programme. Even the motivation to prove someone wrong when we lost was worth it enough for me.

What are you doing now?

Studio 316 is now sustaining through work for hire and co-development work, providing our game development services for others in order to grow the studio and expand out skillsets whilst working on internal game projects behind the scenes!

We put the Time Rivals project on hold shortly after Tranzfuser to focus on building the business and client portfolio with the aim of returning to the project in the future.

We are still a completely remote team, all working from our homes. Over the last year we have taken on 5+ client projects including collaborating with a publisher on a funded prototype with more clients booked in for the rest of the year.