Team Year 2022 Team

Head Empty Studios

Shuttle Revolution is a stylish 2.5D badminton fighting game where you smash the shuttlecock at dizzying speeds to K.O your opponent. Take control of a diverse cast of 6 characters, armed to the teeth with powerful game-changing abilities. Chaos will erupt when the explosive powers of psychic energy manipulation, bionic grappling hooks, and long-dormant ancient spirits collide. Pick your badmintoneer and get ready to hit the court when Shuttle Revolution drops on Steam in Fall 2022!

Team Tailored

Avenge those that wronged you in this 2D Top-Down Action-Adventure set in an alternate 11th century Norman England. Assemble the missing chapters of the Doomsday book to conjure spells and master the elements at your disposal.

First Horizon

A left behind mascot is said to be the cause of disappearances of people within a local shopping mall. Videos are circulating online of strange goings on which feature a mystery entity, all connected to the closure of a well loved small toy store 'Bailey's'. You turn detective as you are tasked with finding clues about local disappearances in and around the local shopping mall 'Mystic Peak'. Solve the mysteries, unlock new areas and escape with your life as you struggle to escape and expose the truth about 'The Nutcracker'.


Out of the Toy box is a first person parkour platformer set in the limitless creative worlds of a child’s imagination.

Cignus ET

Death Race Outer Space [DROS] is a real-time multiplayer space Combat/Race game set in a sci-fi stylized world inspired by the movie Death Race. The player drives a spaceship activated with boosters, weapons, traps and shields, the experience is similar to a flight simulator/fpv drone racing. This is targeted at existing players who play space themed games. DROS is a unique mashup of an anti gravity racer game like Redout 2, and space simulator game like Elite Dangerous, it also has an on-board AI for narrative elements like EDI in video game Mass Effect and map configurator inspired from the Star Citizen Galaxy Map. The three Game modes planned are Kill Em All, Elimination Race and Capture Flag. “Cignus ET” intends to develop this IP as an indie studio utilizing past university projects, experiences and skills.

BSV Game Studios

La Bête is a 1-4 player digital board game full of strategy and deceit! Survivors are hunted by the killer and must collect fuel to escape!

Aura Digital Studios

Bin Chickens is a local multiplayer party game that allows players to battle it out in an epic struggle between good and seagull. Work together as a team to take over the city one minigame at a time, or defend your territory and perishable goods from the feathery thieves above. In ‘Sneaky Seagull Seaside Standoff’ the player and up to two others play as seagulls, stealing chips for points off a human target. Or in untroublesome terms, a fourth player. The Bin Chicken with the highest number of chips wins - but watch out! Human’s have their own methods of defence, and you wouldn’t want to get those lovely feathers covered in ketchup, would you? Who will come out on top? Or is there a conspiracy at foot. There’s only one way to find out.

Amber Bear Games

Ascent is a narrative-heavy exploration game inspired by Baltic folklore, that immerses the player via a folktale and handcrafted artstyle.