Head Empty Studios

Head Empty Studios

Project Name: Shuttle Revolution

Player Type: Single Player & Local Multiplayer

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @TeamHeadEmpty

Local Hub: University of Huddersfield, Enterprise Team

Head Empty Studios is made up of four University of Huddersfield students with a shared passion for fighting games. We hail from Wakefield, Hull, and Aylesbury. After Shuttle Revolution’s successful run as a university team project game in early 2022, we decided to take it and develop it further together, pushing for a fully realised version to release. The Tranzfuser programme provides a fantastic opportunity for us to achieve this through access to invaluable resources, expert mentorship, and the opportunity to show the game off to the industry by the end of the programme. We see this competition as a golden opportunity to get our foot into the door of the industry, and keep doing what we love.

About the project

Shuttle Revolution is a stylish 2.5D badminton fighting game where you smash the shuttlecock to K.O your opponent, or play smart and attempt to ground the shuttle out. Take control of a diverse cast of six characters aiming for the same goal, to become the supreme badminton champion! Each character has a familiar base set of moves, making it that much easier for new players to find their feet. However, each one of these stylish deviants has a unique twist to master that introduces a new level of depth to each round. These explosive powers range from psychic energy manipulation and bionic grappling hooks to long-dormant ancient spirits with unfinished badminton business.

For all you thrill seekers and fighting game fans, Shuttle Revolution is set to release on Steam for Windows in Fall 2022!


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Applying for Tranzfuser was the clear logical next step for our game, Shuttle Revolution. The opportunity to take our game much further and have the resources to extend the game we already poured our hearts into is fantastic. Coming straight from university, this process is a brilliant stepping stone to gain some insight and learn some crucial skills that will help us fully transition into proud members of the industry. Our team at Head Empty Studios is a group of tight-knit developers passionate about fighting games and indie projects and so we relish the chance to create our own studio together and find our way into the industry, with Tranzfuser being an incredible way to do so. We feel indie development is where the most interesting ideas come from in the current climate and so really hope to contribute forward fresh ideas to this diverse, and expansive community.
Project Lead