Chessers Studios

Chesser Studios


Player Type: Single Player

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @TekuGPC

Local Hub:University of the West Scotland

We are a team of 3 students all from different backgrounds. One is from Romania, one is from Greece and the other one from England.

We have been working together and publishing mobile games on the play store for a year. From our cooperation we have a small idea of what matters most when working as a team and believe we will learn more from this experience.

We are also expecting to learn more game development, marketing and tech art techniques that we will be able to use for a studio that we are hoping to open during or after transfuzer.

About the project

HOSTILE:TAKEOVER is a stylised full action title which takes inspiration from games made by a Japanese studio called Platinum Games. 

It is designed for desktop and made for an audience which enjoys action games.

Our goal is to create an indie version of games such as bayonetta and nier:automata as we believe there is a lack of such indie titles.


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Transfuzer has given us an opportunity to open a game studio and learn all the skills that have to do with game development such as programming and planning.
Project Lead