Aura Digital Studios

Aura Digital Studios

Project Name: Bin Chickens

Player Type: Multiplayer

Team Website:

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @AuraDigital_NI

Local Hub: The Pixel Mill / Northern Ireland Screen

Aura Digital Studios was founded in our placement year of University at the beginning of the pandemic, seeking to create opportunities for emerging artists within Northern Ireland. The team’s core skillsets lie within creating concepts, designing beautiful 2D and 3D assets and animating them. Aura has demonstrated skills within the animation production pipeline and has worked within the Immersive Technology (AR) sphere for our clients. The team is excited to move to the next step of overseeing the development of a playable prototype of their own in order to take the first steps into the games industry. As ardent in our love for games, and this is a medium that truly excites us. We hope that, through the programme and mentorship that we could receive, we will be able to take our transferable skills and utilise them in the game development pipeline in the production of this prototype.

About the project

Bin Chickens is a local multiplayer party game that allows players to battle it out in an epic struggle between good and seagull. Work together as a team to take over the city one minigame at a time, or defend your territory and perishable goods from the feathery thieves above. In this prototype, play one of the map minigames in the epic ‘Sneaky Seagull Seaside Standoff.’ This level allows the player and up to two others to play as seagulls, stealing chips for points off a human target. Or in untroublesome terms, a fourth player. The Bin Chicken with the highest number of chips wins – but watch out! Human’s have their own methods of defence, and you wouldn’t want to get those lovely feathers covered in ketchup, would you? Who will come out on top? Or is there a conspiracy at foot. There’s only one way to find out.


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The team at Aura Digital, including myself, have always planned to step foot into the games industry and Tranzfuser is a great entry into this world as we cannot only utilise our skills within asset creation and animation but also a new addition into our team in the form of a highly skilled programmer to help us round off the skills needed for our project. Through the guidance and mentorship on the Tranzfuser programme, we are excited to bring our talented team together to produce an exciting piece of IP. Stepping out of university we are very much looking forward to establishing ourselves as a games studio with high hopes to create games for many years to come.
Project Lead