Team Year 2021 Team

Dark Arts Productions

Confinement is a single-player cinematic horror experience set upon a space station that is set to release on PC and console.

Ayrshire Interactive

Equilibrium, save a dying planet. Gather resources, spend wisely and complete objectives. Climate change remediation as gameplay.

Zero Qualms

Climb, glide and scurry in order to be the beetle with the most dung balls in their nest at the end of the game to win!

Silent Yeti

A Couple of Cubes is a co-op puzzle game set in a world of cubes. Two cubes must put their differences aside and learn to work together.

Astral Adventures

Jim's landing is designed for older audience and is an Action RPG game mixed with tower defence elements. Jim's landing will be deployed for PC platforms only as due to the strategy elements and possible expansion of the project into online/coop modes which we are very excited about. The project isn't strictly designed for adults but will contain some graphical images that should bring the rating of the game to 16+.


Loch Ness is a co-op horror hunter inspired by Phasmophobia where players attempt to prove the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

RAA Studios

A 3D sandbox platfomer inspired by A thousand and One Arabian Nights. Designed for all ages.

Solar Flare London

Shikari X is a Third-Person, Boss-Rush Shooter with a 2000’s GameCube-style aesthetic, for PC and Consoles. The player controls a Robot equipped with a sentient Cannon as they shoot, platform and puzzle their way through unique Worlds and Bosses.

Studio 316

4v4 CHAOS! Studio 316 presents Time Rivals, An FPS battle arena game show from the future featuring unique heroes and placeable respawns!


Kaya's Vale answers - what's like to have a dinosaur companion? Join Kaya and Apollo the Allosaurus in their 3D prehistoric adventure!