Ayrshire Interactive

Ayrshire Interactive

Project Name: Equilibrium

Local Hub: University of the West Scotland

Twitter: @AyrshireIntera1

We are a team of four friends from the University of the West of Scotland, who feel passionately about environmentalism. We are particularly looking forward to the business mentorship aspects of Tranzfuser as we intend to create a sustainable and profitable game development business, based in the South West of Scotland.

About the project

Equilibrium is a game where the player must manage their own planet. The player’s main objective will be to help keep a fine balance within their planet’s atmosphere so that the life inhabiting it can survive on a healthy planet.

The game will consist of resource management, these resources can help contribute to making the planet healthy again. Resources can regenerate faster if the player invests into the resource i.e. add more funding towards fully electrifying vehicles. This will, in turn, make them more available and affordable for the planets populous.

We are making this game to help raise awareness about climate change. It is an ever-growing problem that seems to get forgotten about every so often.

The platform the game will be on is Windows PC. We envision companies, schools and anyone else that has an interest in bettering and protecting our planet to play this game.