Meteorite Media

Project Name: Kaya’s Vale

Local Hub: Falmouth University, Games Academy

Twitter: @meteorite_media

Meteorite Media is comprised of a group of graduates from all across the UK, ranging from Yorkshire to all the way down to Cornwall. We all chose to work together for our shared love of dinosaurs and wanting to create something truly unique in that corner of the market. While many games focus on fighting against dinosaurs or building your own prehistoric zoo, ours is a relaxed single player game that explores the themes of self worth and discovery.

We hope that Tranzfuser will allow us to become our own studio and put a brighter spotlight on Kaya’s Vale in front of a new audience.

Getting some key insight on the games viability from industry veterans will help us proceed into the gaming landscape. It also gives us a second shot on working on the game outside of an academic setting to focus on its core design principles and settings.

About the project

Kaya’s Vale follows the protagonist Kaya as she answers the questions we’ve all asked: what would it be like to have a dinosaur for a friend?

This single-player, third-person 3D adventure game takes place in a prehistoric world where both humans and ancient beasts live in (mostly) harmony. Playing through the eyes of Kaya, a young dinosaur tamer and Apollo the Allosaurus, the two must work together to embark on an adventure to find their family after being separated long ago. Using the dinosaur command system, the pair must work together to climb and break their way through an ethereal landscape full of life and ruins of the past.

Our game is built for Windows PC, aimed towards all audiences both young and old who love dinosaurs. Those who keep up to date with recent dinosaur trends will be pleased to see more modern depictions of their favourite prehistoric creatures!