Zero Qualms

Zero Qualms

Project Name: Dung Battles

Local Hub: Abertay University

Twitter: @ZeroQualmsGames

All members of Zero Qualms have their origins in Dundee at Abertay University. We are spread out across a few years, but over the course of our time there, we have all met each other and worked with each other in some capacity. For several of us, this was our last chance at Tranzfuser and it has been something we have all wanted to experience during our early careers in the industry and we are honoured and humbled to be given a chance at this opportunity. There is no room for error, and our collective experiences have left us incredibly motivated to succeed. Due to the pandemic, we are a little dispersed right now, but we will not let that hinder our goals.

Tranzfuser will help strengthen our connections within the community and industry as well as being the source of invaluable knowledge and guidance for starting a games studio.

About the project

Roll into the fray in ‘Dung Battles’. Design your beetle and set out against others in a unique multiplayer party game that the whole family can enjoy. Climb, glide and scurry in order to be the beetle with the most dung balls in their nest at the end of the game to win!

But watch out! You may find yourself in a tussle with your enemies and it’s up to you to bring that dung home!

Inspired by fun, competitive games such as Fall Guys and Rocket League, as well as nostalgic classics of the early 2000’s such as Katamari and Billy Hatcher, ‘Dung Battles’ has something for everyone!

Coming to PC and consoles soon.