RAA Studios

RAA Studios

Project Name: Sinbad

Twitter: @SinbadTeam

Our team consists of developers from game development, VFX, software engineering and creative writing backgrounds.

The team comes from diverse backgrounds from the UK and the Middle East and are all currently based in London, Beaconsfield and Norwich.

We  all recently graduated from the Game Design course at National Film and Television School. We are very passionate about our project and we are hoping that Tranzfuser can help us to get the next step of bringing this game to life.

About the project

Sinbad is a 3D sandbox platfomer inspired by A Thousand and One Arabian Nights and games such as Super Mario and A Hat in Time.

The character is a young boy who is yet to go on his greatest adventures (and is not yet a sailor). Sinbad’s turban is be designed to be easily grab-able as it will be the main game mechanic which will have a necessary and often repeated animation. It is a magic carpet that wraps around Sinbad’s head to become a turban, and it is also his companion.

Sinbad is aimed at any age but primarily for children aged 10+.