Project Name: Loch Ness

Local Hub: Staffordshire University

Twitter: @JFidev

JFi are a team of game developers from diverse backgrounds and with disparate taste in games. Meeting at Staffs Uni, we were united by ambition and a passion for bold and exciting new games.

Loch Ness came out of our experiences at university playing horror games together as well as a kayaking trip we went on.

Making games together as an independent studio has become our dream and we are eager to prove ourselves over the course of Tranzfuser.

About the project

Loch Ness is a co-op horror hunter game for PC and Console. Inspired by Phasmophobia and BIGFOOT, Loch Ness adds a new twist on the genre with unique boat gameplay inspired by Sea of Thieves and a monster that, despite being a British cultural icon, hasn’t had a game before.

Players work together to navigate the tumultuous lake and use devices such as sonar and underwater cameras to try and capture definitive proof of Nessie’s existence, all the while being stalked by a monster more ancient than mankind.