Team Year 2020 Team

Bladestorm Studio

Bladewind is a 3rd person action rogue-like with a fun arcade twist coming to the PC platform. The art style has a fantastical medieval feel with striking characters and environmental detail.

GRYM-Titan Studios

Arconaut is a 3rd person stealth adventure game set in a Steampunk galaxy where the player must infiltrate enemy bases to raid the crucial energy supply that lies within.

Frog Island Team

Frog Island is a 3D platformer game, where you are a small frog with a big tongue and bigger ambitions. The player uses their frog tongue to swing themselves and fling obstacles to get to the end as fast as possible.

Core Games

Interstice is a fast-paced, single player 3rd person shooter which centres around gravity-distorting movement mechanics.

Define Logic Studios

Project Roman is an episodic narrative-driven linear RPG set in South Wales during the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, and Boudica’s revolt in the east of England.

Incursion Games

Lateral Labs is a mind bending, 3D puzzle game where the player must guide robot in training D.R.U (Dispensing & Retrieval Unit) through a series of lab tests by manipulating blocks onto targets tiles.

Creative Force

CyberFocus is a first person, parkour, time bending experience where players are in the shoes of a Cyborg.

Name Pending

Paranormal Panic is a wacky 3D couch co-op experience, where you take ownership of Panicville‘s first and only paranormal investigation team.


Days Lost is a narrative based puzzle game set inside the diary of a young woman that takes you on an unusual journey of recovering the memories of days that she’s lost.