Team Year 2020 Team

Quarant Inc.

Alban: Dread by Darkness is set in an alternate history Scotland where fire doesn’t exist and Homo Sapiens are not the only humans.

Fat Pigeon Games

LEAP is a first-person puzzle platformer, where players are given a special tool, called Platform Fabricator, that allows them to place unique platforms wherever they want to solve challenges however they choose.


Imagine one day you wake up in a man’s body. You could not remember who you are. The new reality for you is that you are Michael, a philosophy professor at the University of Cambridge.


Destruction Line is a 2-4 player work simulation, beat’em up party game.


Will it golf? is a comedy-driven golf sandbox that’s full of surprises and jam-packed with possibilities and fun challenges.

Chimera Tales

Hotel Arcanum is a 2d, story-driven adventure game about transgenerational Holocaust trauma that merges real historical facts and a dream-like magical world together.