Incursion Games

Incursion Games

Project Name: Lateral Labs

Local Hub: Manchester Metropolitan University

Twitter: @Incursion_Games

We are a team of recent graduates based in Manchester! We are all excited by game development and some of us have worked together previously on Lateral Labs. We are hoping Tranzfuser will be the next step, to further both the game and our skills as professionals.

About the project

Lateral Labs is a mind bending, 3D puzzle game where the player must guide robot in training D.R.U (Dispensing & Retrieval Unit) through a series of lab tests by manipulating blocks onto targets tiles. Blocks can be fired from the edge of the grid where they will travel until something blocks their path. However, blocks can also be retracted back towards DRU as long as nothing blocks his line of sight. Various combinations of obstacles such as teleport pads, buttons and directional pads help create energizing brain teasers that require smart thinking and careful planning to solve. Lateral Labs features an easy to use level editor that allows players to create their own brain busting puzzles to share with others, so that they might enjoy solving the tricky lab tests you’ve set out for them. Lateral Labs is suitable for all audiences and platforms and we hope everyone can find enjoyment in solving its many levels.