Name Pending

Name Pending

Project Name: Paranormal Panic

Local Hub: Glasgow Caledonian University

Twitter: @NamePendingInt

Name Pending works as a collective operating out of Glasgow, Scotland and is composed of five recent graduates from Glasgow Caledonian University. Our team was formed through our shared passion for developing computer games and our ambition to create engaging experiences. The team has worked together on several projects demonstrating our ability to work successfully as a collective and we are eager to venture forward into a new exciting project that will demonstrate our abilities, further our professional development and will support our progression into the games industry. Our team is grateful for the opportunity provided by our acceptance into Tranzfuser 2020, granting us the ability to continue our game development journey as a team, and work together on our first fully fledged project. Tranzfuser is a major milestone in our journey and the team is excited and motivated to progress forward together.

About the project

Paranormal Panic is a wacky 3D couch co-op experience, where you take ownership of Panicville‘s first and only paranormal investigation team. Playing as one of four characters, you accept contracts from the town’s inhabitants, to capture the entities that haunt their town. As an inexperienced team, your methods are ‘unorthodox’ but effective, as you hunt the ghouls with a range of common household tools, leaving havoc in your wake and becoming more of a nuisance than the ghosts you were tasked with removing. Focusing on a co-op experience, Paranormal Panic requires a controller to play, allowing up to 4 people to join in on the fun to tackle the level together. Featuring a destructible environment, co-op capture mechanics and a graded scoring system, Paranormal Panic emphasises player interaction, allowing you to help or hinder your friends as you work to remove the ghouls haunting the town, each level culminating in a boss encounter with unique mechanics and challenges to overcome.