Bladestorm Studio

Bladestorm Studio

Project Name: Bladewind

Local Hub: Wrexham Glyndwr University

Twitter: @BladeStormDev

Bladestorm Studio is a new indie games studio founded by four final year games students and is based in Wrexham, North Wales. The team leader is Michael, Gareth is our programmer, Damian works on the character models and Ryan does work on Audio and 3D Assets.

About the project

Bladewind is a 3rd person action rogue-like with a fun arcade twist coming to the PC platform. The art style has a fantastical medieval feel with striking characters and environmental detail. As the player, you get to select one of three classes which are the Scavenger, Jester and Enchantress, each with their own unique ability. The player must then utilise these abilities and gear up with random weapons bought in the hub and visiting the other shops as well for upgrades. Once the player is ready they can then enter the farm level in order to fight the waves of enemies, defeating the legendary boss, completing quests and searching for treasure along the way within the different levels.