Monkey Hat Games

Monkey Hat Games

Project Name: Hatchapon

Local Hub: University of Suffolk


We’re Monkey Hat Games, a team based in Ipswich, Suffolk! We met in our first year of University, and have bonded well across three years of study because of how diverse our skills and personalities are. Because of this, we work great together as a game-development team. Each of us are able to work well in different areas of a project’s development on our own, but know enough about the skills of other team members to help out when needed. We would love help from Tranzfuser in order to kickstart and develop Monkey Hat Games as a company as well as supporting our own personal development in the indie game development industry.

About the project

Hatchapon is a Co-op puzzle game about collecting animals from toy capsules to be displayed on a ranch. The game is structured as multiple islands, which are open levels containing mixtures of linear and optional challenges. Rewards for these activities include the toy capsules, based on ‘Gachapon’ toy eggs, which offer randomly distributed animals similar to the real toy-collecting Gachapon machines.The game is targeted at groups who play games together, such as families, couples and friends. The theme and graphics are family-friendly and should appeal to all ages. Hatchapon will be designed for local or online play for two players. It will initially release on PC, and we will consider console releases soon after.