Frog Island Team

Frog Island Team

Project Name: Days Lost

Local Hub: Brunel University London

Twitter: @FrogIslandGame

When Kingsley and Oliver first play-tested the prototype with their peers, they knew they had found something. Not just something that people liked to play, but something that they loved to make. When Oliver put a team together for Tranzfuser, he knew he needed people that were just as excited as Kingsley and him, but people that could support the project in ways that they both couldn’t. All of us want to contribute to this project doing what we are great at, and Tranzfuser has given us an opportunity to shine. Not only that, but also the opportunity for us to get Frog Island released.As well as getting a product released, we want to use the program to gain some invaluable experience working as a team on a funded game project, something that some of us have never had the chance to do before.

About the project

Frog Island is a 3D platformer game, where you are a small frog with a big tongue and bigger ambitions. The player uses their frog tongue to swing themselves and fling obstacles to get to the end as fast as possible. When it comes to Frog Island, the core design goal was to make the game “all about the tongue”, giving the player full control over it!Features of Frog Island Include :Unique interactions in every level based on the core mechanic, including rowing a boat, throwing darts, and creating bridges.Levels designed for casual players taking it easy, with a forgiving checkpoint system, and easy platforming, but also experienced players trying to beat their best time, with hidden shortcuts, and technically difficult platforming.Secret coins, bananas, and hats for the frog hidden in every level, for players who like to explore and collect it all.

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