Team Year 2020 Team

Indie-Shark Games

Dash and blast your way through an onslaught of cataclysmic creations as you delve deeper into the labyrinthine research facility.

Egg Gang Games

Super Market Mayhem is a chaotic, cartoony physics based multiplayer party game with different game modes all themed around shopping.


The natives of Basura Bay have gone stir crazy due to the amount of trash covering the island, believing that the rubbish accumulating on it is helping them to survive.

Industrial Gameworks

Vagrant Soul, an adventure puzzle game for mobile devices, follows the journey of a young monk trying to lift an ancient curse that is slowly corrupting his body.

INFINITY 27 Design Studio

Samsara is a single-player action-adventure journey for PC and next-gen console with ethereally-stylised characters in a fantastical world based on Buddhist canon.


Anima is a third person, puzzle adventure game that combines exploration and creative puzzle solving.