Tranzfuser 2020 Winners Announced

"What a journey to get this far and finally get selected! Tranzfuser has constantly pushed us to think not just as game creators and designers but also as founders, giving us the confidence to make our outcome better and recognise the audience for it.

"Having been selected for the funding is a massive honour - one which gives us the recognition and acknowledgement that allows us to keep moving forward, refine the prototype further and take us to the next stages. A very exciting year ahead for Wordplay!"

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Presenting ProtoPlay with Jordan Erica Webber

"I always love seeing what comes out of Tranzfuser because it gives upcoming talent the opportunity to make something really creative, and is always a promising hint of what the future of the UK games industry could be. I was especially impressed by this year's teams, who managed to do all of that amidst circumstances no other cohort has faced."
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Curtain closes on milestone ProtoPlay event

"We are going to take some amazing memories away from this experience. The chance to meet and interact with so many wonderful people has been fantastic. Plus, the insight into the reality of game development has confirmed this is what I want to do more than anything. I want to thank everyone involved in the Tranzfuser Team from the bottom of my heart!"
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