Global Game Jam Winners

Tranzfuser at GGJ: Hidden Heritage a Hit!

This year’s Global Game Jam saw close to 40,000 participants submit their games across the network of more than 100 countries. The Tranzfuser sponsored Diversifier – Hidden Heritage – proved incredibly popular.

Games submitted ranged from lore-inspired fast-paced evasion games to location-based intricately produced art-driven games, the range of creativity on display was phenomenal.

The Diversifier

Eligible devs were encouraged to work on a game over the course of the Jam that incorporated the following:

Select a local landmark or place of cultural / historical interest (it can be fact, fiction, myth or legend) close to your team’s physical location (in the UK) and use it as inspiration for your game idea. The final game can be set in the past, present or brought into the future, but it should look to raise awareness about a local regional treasure, sparking interest across a wide and varied audience.

The Winners

Selecting the winners for this year’s Tranzfuser Diversifier was a tough ask but the following games stood out as being fun, creative and having adhered to the diversifier:

🥉3rd Place – Fun Gameplay: Stumpy – The Root of All Evil

🥈2nd Place – Artistic Style and Atmosphere: Root Out

🥇1st Place – Overall Favourite: The Root of Evil

Footage from each qualifying game is showcased in this short reel we’ve put together. Get your hands on the games over on the GGJ site!

The Showreel

Tranzfuser 2023 will open for applications soon!

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