DunDev Begins

The four past-Tranzfuser DunDev studiosJFi Games, Alarming Ladder Studios, Solar Flare London and RAA Studios – arrived in Dundee at the beginning of last week and quickly settled into their new surroundings with ease, professionalism and excitement.

The anticipation of the first ever UK Games Fund supported residential hothousing programme has been building behind the scenes for months as the competitively selected Tranzfuser alumni studios prepared to get started on the month-long DunDev programme.

“The first week has been such a positive start to the year. I’ve really enjoyed settling in, bringing the project back from when we last looked at it and then initiating some design work ahead of getting stuck in with production.” Solar Flare London

Each studio has their own designated workspace in a welcoming, modern and central new office space as well as a comfortable home-from-home base. Being open plan, the office allows for networking and collaboration across the four studios, something which is already proving popular.

“The team have settled in well with a structured day already in place with the aim of encouraging and supporting each other through this process. We’ve connected with the other studios taking part in DunDev so well; within the first couple of hours of arriving there was already a real community feel to the experience.” Alarming Ladder Studios

Week one of DunDev saw External Advisers, all experts in their field, work with the studios on a one-to-one basis to help address any areas for development as a business and creative studio. So far, the studios have received tailored sessions on the likes of crowdfunding, community building and assessing their team skills – plotting where they want to be in the short and long term, and looking into how they get there.

“The support sessions so far have been incredible. Having the opportunity to ask specific questions and have a dialogue with people with loads of experience in that area has already helped us so much to shape our future plans and our vision for our game. Everybody has been happy to answer any question we’ve had and gone above and beyond what we expected from them.” JFi Games

The remainder of DunDev sees the studios engage with more External Advisers, taking part in sessions focused on tech resilience, investor relations and establishing the best route to market for their games. Along the way the studios will have the opportunity to showcase their games to the local game dev community as well as connect virtually to well-known publishers at a private event.

As the weeks progress with DunDev, news will be shared about events and announcements over on Twitter. Follow #DunDev for the latest news.