Team Year 2023 Team

Dreaming Giants

Transform the world around you in Lumi: Starbound Adventure! Harness your gauntlet to move platforms, solve puzzles, and reach the stars!

Knockback Games

A human amongst you is secretly one of the 7 Deadly Sins.Work with your team to uncover and banish this deadly Sin hiding amongst you.


Battle mythical monsters as a Lion Dancer, where ancient Chinese folklore and thrilling action come together.

Eventide Birds

Will you make abortion illegal if you are the governor facing the pressure of a dropping birth rate? Come and manage your own province!

TheVampiresManor (TVM) Studios

FOQUES is a survival horror puzzle platformer, based in an oil-painted Canada being taken over by an eldritch corruption known as The Stain. Play as Kari, an arctic fox who must flee North with her friends and rely on her instincts and wit to survive.

Zeta Games

Steambots is a cosy co-op puzzle platformer where you play as three who have to escape their factory to avoid being scrapped!