Team Rubber Ducky Snacks


Project Name: Entomaster

Player Type: Single Player

Target Platform: Desktops / Laptops

Twitter: @TeamDuckySnacks

Local Hub:University of Portsmouth

Forming out of a large university group project, as a team we are eager to work on a videogame with the creative freedom Tranzfuser provides. As a group, we spend time in our home city Portsmouth playing arcade games or going to performances and events.

While we have worked on various projects this year together, they had limits such as creative freedom or short time constraints. Tranzfuser pushes us past these limits, providing the time, support and freedom needed to create the game we aspire to make.

About the project

Entomaster is a card-based bug battler. Using the N.E.T scanner (natural environment tracking) You search the overworld to find tiny bugs, which you can scan into digital copies and use to fight against other characters in complex card battles.

Each bug is comprised of three components, head, body, and legs. Each component creates three unique cards, so nine cards per bug. Battles are fought by three bugs creating a 27-card deck. To customise your deck, you can mutate your digital bugs together to make a new bug! New segments come with new cards, new traits and new combos to perform.

Designed for PC, Entomaster is for player-vs-AI card game enthusiasts! Mixed in with a bit of storytelling and some weird creepy card effects inspired by the invertebrate world


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Tranzfuser is an opportunity like no other, in the games industry and from personal experience, it is difficult to find those willing to invest and support graduate indie game developers.Tranzfuser stands out in this regard. A springboard to launch our business and get our foot in the door. Even the application was a brilliant learning process for our team, and we hope to learn a lot more over the coming months!
Project Lead