Team Year 2023 Team


Grab your hook and swing through a world filled with floating islands whose townspeople eagerly await their packages to be delivered.

Pale Blue Ocean

Got written up for delivering that report late? Ever wanted to stick it to the boss? Time to break the monotony and become an Insubordinate.

Chudley Games

Kaiju Kerfuffle is a chaotic, co-op, mech building party game, about forward planning and teamwork in a dynamic, disaster-filled workshop.

Studio Yam

Veggie Village is a hybrid farming-social simulation-RPG wherein the player grows their friends in order to build a thriving village.

Canine Games

Hymble Ventures is a 3D collectathon, action-adventure platformer with explorative environments, cute characters and autism acceptance.

F.A.R Game Studios

In Miniature Mayhem! play as Mayhem Miniatures, wreak havoc in hazardous environments. Battle friends, collect power-ups, and create MAYHEM!


Stray Haven is a isometric puzzle-solver set in a post-rapture world. Play as a forsaken on their quest to save the souls of lost dogs.


In ‘Erdstall’ the player awakens alone in a labyrinth. Growing ever closer is the Minotaur. Run, hide and uncover the truth.