Project Name: Lion Dancer

Player Type: Single Player

Target Platform: Desktops / Laptops

Twitter: @StudioCarnivore

Local Hub: Abertay University

We are an award-winning team of 5 dedicated Chinese game developers, aiming to develop astonishing games of East Asian culture in a modern way to attract a global audience.

With a wealth of knowledge and creativity, our team is united by a shared passion for boss-rush games. Together, we are fully committed to bringing Lion Dancer to life.

Tranzfuser provides a precious opportunity to support us to accomplish this goal, we can get more exposure to the market and receive more chances to polish our game before it is officially released. We are also excited to learn from the supportive experts in this journey.

About the project

Lion Dancer is a PC/console top-down action adventure delving into the enchanting legend of Chinese exorcists. These skilled warriors mastered the art of disguising themselves as lions and skillfully combated hordes of demonic creatures. Step into the enchanted world of ancient China, where you must safeguard the living by engaging in epic battles against various demons and monsters.

To triumph in this perilous journey, players must keenly observe the monsters’ behaviours and counteract them using appropriate tactics. Each scenario presents unique challenges, and players must carefully manage their stamina allocation, tactically evading enemy assaults and expertly rebounding attacks within the dynamic arena.

Collecting orbs that periodically materialise on the map will let players unleash devastating assaults upon the monsters, ultimately claiming victory. Prepare to embark on a mesmerising adventure in Lion Dancer, where ancient Chinese folklore and thrilling action come together.


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Tranzfuser is one of the most influential graduate game development events in the UK, offers a valuable opportunity for incubating projects and provides us with an environment for rapid improvement through guidance and competition. As a group of Chinese developers, this invaluable guidance provided byTranzfuser can help us gain better insights into the market and acquire the necessary knowledge for entrepreneurial success in the UK. This will aid us in establishing our own studio here and finding the right direction to showcase our abilities, ultimately creating commercially viable games.With a burning passion to bring our project to life, we recognise our need for mentorship in establishing an industry-worthy workflow, enabling seamless development and collaboration. Tranzfuser offers the invaluable assistance we seek to attain these goals and unlock our full potential.
Project Lead