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Knockback Games 

Project Name: Sincognito

Player Type: Single player & Multiplayer

Team Website:

Target Platform: Desktops / Laptops

Twitter: @knockback_games

Local Hub: University of South Wales

Knockback Games has high ambitions to become a staple in the video games industry. With a strong foundation built on our previous projects, we are currently immersed in the development of our inaugural game, Sincognito. This exciting venture began as a third-year university project and has now evolved its prototype into a commercially viable pre-alpha game for us passionate 3 game designers.

Drawing from our collective 3+ years of collaboration, we’re wholeheartedly committed to crafting our first game. Based in the city of Cardiff – Wales, we have dedicated ourselves to developing and refining Sincognito over the past 18 months. Through its consistent iterative design, rigorous and thorough testing, we are very confident in our ability to deliver our first commercial release that will make us proud game studio whilst ultimately being financially sustainable to expand further!

About the project

Sincognito is both a solo and online stylized horror game that blends social-deduction and stealth as humans attempt to defeat the 7 Deadly Sins. Stood alongside a group of Humans, any of you could be selected as the Sin once the game begins.

Sins are able to transform back and forth between their disguised Human and monstrous Sin form.

There are 7 potential deadly Sins a player can be chosen as. These Sins include: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. Each of these Sins possesses unique abilities with dynamic playstyles.

Human players, the majority being preyed upon, must use communication with proximity voice/text-chat, items and teamwork to deduce not only which player is secretly a Sin, but also which Sin they are!


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As the team leader, my goal for Tranzfuser is to ultimately get support from industry professionals. Being selected will help refine our game further into the exponentially profitable product we wish Sincognito to be that'll also sustain the company in the future. We also aim to be selected to partake in the UK Games Fund, giving us great possibilities for networking and securing further funding. This competition will put us in contact with professionals, building our relationships and staying competitive in the long-term - conclusively levelling us up to a business-oriented mindset.
Project Lead