Zeta Games

Zeta Games

Project Name: Steambots

Player Type: Single Player

Team Website: https://www.zetagames.uk

Target Platform: Desktops / Laptops

Twitter: @ZetaGamesUK

Local Hub: University of Portsmouth

Zeta Games is made up of four graduates who met while studying Computer Games Technology at the University of Portsmouth. As a team, we’ve worked together on nine projects over the last four years, both in and out of University – from small game jams to larger year long projects. After winning multiple awards, we are excited to bring our most successful game to-date, Steambots, to full release after receiving a positive response at a variety of conventions. We are extremely passionate about creating fun, innovative and accessible games for all to enjoy. We are thrilled about participating in Tranzfuser to help launch our new indie game studio.

About the project

Steambots is a drop-in co-op cosy puzzle platformer where the players control three robots that each have a unique ability to help navigate through a series of puzzles. You play as three faulty robots destined to be scrapped for parts, working together to escape their factory. The environments have a stylised design, with each stage having a unique aesthetic identity.

For each level the player will be able to complete challenges and time trials, including an online leaderboard and character customisation. The game will be designed with a strong focus on accessibility to ensure it can be enjoyed by a wide range of players of all abilities and devices.


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I am extremely excited for the experience that Tranzfuser has presented us. This is the perfect opportunity for my team and I to finally create our indie game studio which we have talked about since we all met four years ago. The networking and learning that Tranzfuser provides will greatly benefit our studio and offer us invaluable help to release our first project. I can’t wait to get stuck in with our game Steambots and support this amazing team towards our first release.
Project Lead