Project Name: Days Lost

Local Hub: Brunel University London


The whole is, in the words of some great thinker or other, greater than the sum of its parts. In our case, the parts met each other through friendships and connections formed during our time at university. Louise and Zach are London to the core. Finn found his way here all the way from Hobbiton (New Zealand) and Eimantas is from Lithuania. Though unified in our vision for the studio, we are quite different from one another.Each of us brings a unique set of skills and qualities to the table. Eimantas is cool and level-headed, a key player in times of crisis. Finn is the mad one (the “visionary”) with one foot planted in reality and the other gradually dissipating in a puddle of perpetual self-realization. Louise is the realist among us: quick-witted, down to earth, and exceptionally talented. And Zach… well Zach is Zach. He eats UV-maps for breakfast.

About the project

Will it golf? is a comedy-driven golf sandbox that’s full of surprises and jam-packed with possibilities and fun challenges. Explore an immersive, open world (on foot or in a golf cart) with climbable trees, giant bouncy mushrooms, sentient bowling pins, and a live volcano! Feedback and suggestions are super-welcome! Will it golf? is the first game we’ve made together as a studio. We had a great time making the game and we really want to keep making games together so encouragement and support from our beloved community is very much appreciated.“Please buy my game and enjoy so I can make more game and you can more enjoy” – Finn’s 4 am brain.