Celtic Dragon Studio

Celtic Dragon Studio

Project Name: Azzy Battles the Darkness

Local Hub: InGAME

Twitter: @CelticDragon_

Celtic Dragon Studio is a team based in Dundee, Scotland that adores 3D platformers and story-driven experiences. We are making it our mission to recreate the magic we felt for platformers in our youth and we aim to do this by using familiar tropes blended with modern technology and gameplay principles, all to create experiences that feel both fresh and familiar. Azzy Battles the Darkness started out as a solo venture, but thanks to Transfuzer it has grown into a full-team endeavour, and together will continue to aim higher and have Azzy leave a mark on the 3D platformer sphere.

About the project

Azzy is a plucky young feline who has his life turned upside down when his father mysteriously vanishes. With his trusty bionic arm and the power of the elements, he is flung on an adventure bigger than he could have ever imagined! In this character-driven 3D action-platformer, you’ll be tasked with using the synergistic properties of the elements to overcome platforming challenges, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies however you want, all whilst unravelling a compelling narrative experience.