Fat Pigeon Games

Fat Pigeon Games

Project Name: LEAP

Local Hub: University of Westminster


Fat Pigeon Games is a team formed by graduates from the University of Westminster. Our team previously worked together on numerous projects. The team consists of skillful individuals, that cover different areas of development – ranging from programmers to sound designers and illustrators.

Fat Pigeon Games aims to make interesting and captivating games, that provide players enjoyable experiences even after the first playthrough. Games that give players the ability to choose their own path and solve challenges their way.

About the project

LEAP is a first-person puzzle platformer, where players are given a special tool, called Platform Fabricator, that allows them to place unique platforms wherever they want to solve challenges however they choose. The game aims to target casual and hardcore players. For casual players a story mode with immersive story and an interesting cast of characters. For hardcore players a challenge mode, where they can compete between each other.Story mode will tell a story about Elloise Turner, a scientist, and her AI companion Hasswell, who both got stuck in an unknown world, due to a failed experiment. Using the Platform Fabricator they need to traverse different environments and face challenges to survive and find their way back home. Challenge mode provides players with various levels that test their ability to traverse environments using Platform Fabricator in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.