Featherskull Studios

Featherskull Studios


Local Hub: University of the West Scotland

Twitter: @FeatherskullSt

Featherskull Studios is a passionate, creative game development team based in the west of Scotland. Formed of four classmates from University of the West of Scotland graduates of 2020. Our team’s strengths lie in our ability to combine our individual skillsets and creativity to create truly new and interesting game experiences. Each member’s ideas are considered and brainstormed allowing the best solutions to be designed and implemented. With our combined efforts and skills we will create an effective vertical slice of our game whilst developing Featherskull into a new indie game studio.

About the project

TRIBULATION is a 3rd person rogue-like hack and slash set in a world which merges Norse mythology and science fiction. Fight through randomly generated levels and collect powerful upgrades to battle the boss to reach the next level. However if you die your progress is reset!You play as a Norseman seeking redemption, who embarks upon a journey into the world tree; Yggdrasil. This cosmic entity creates renditions of each of the nine realms of Norse myth, including the monsters and machines which lie within.