F.A.R Game Studios

F.A.R Game Studios

Project Name: Miniature MAYHEM!

Player Type: Multiplayer

Team Website: https://www.farawayfromfailure.co.uk/

Target Platform: Desktops / Laptops

Twitter: @FARGameStudios

Local Hub: Wrexham Glyndwr University

F.A.R Games studio Ltd. was founded by 4 eager university students with a dedication to games development. The team consists of the Davies brothers backed up with our talented lead programmer Alex Chambers (Fridge). We have a shared dream to achieve breakout success within the industry. Put bluntly, we are three emphatic brothers held together by a Rusty Fridge.

Our team is very family oriented. Luke, Ryan and Alex are brothers that joined university together to explore our passion for video games, which is something we have bonded over from a very early age. With the end ambition for us to complete our degree, set up our own independent studio and create a successful game.

About the project

Miniature Mayhem! is based in a world where the mad scientist Victor Mayhem is attempting to create his giant minions of chaos to aid him in taking over the world. Unfortunately for Victor A rogue gamma ray projected from space changed a single molecule in the chemical formula used to create these giants. This anomaly creates the Mayhem Miniatures.

In Miniature Mayhem you play as a miniature experiment, which is completely wrought on destruction and wreaking havoc on the world of Miniature Mayhem! Play against up to three friends on the couch or online! Part take in victor’s tests, collection, elimination, and occupation. Each of these tests will take place in a multitude of hazardous environments, with unique game changing twists and challenges. scattered around these environments are powerful weapons, as well as a variety of power ups that either aid you, hinder your opponents or just create MAYHEM!


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Our team is ecstatic about taking part in this potentially life changing program. Just to be given the opportunity to compete in Tranzfuser is going to be astonishing. We look forward to being given the chance to speak to industry leading professionals and begin to network with other developers and publishers. Our Team can’t wait to demonstrate our game to the public, gathering key feedback that will be crucial for the success of our company moving forward and will definitely benefit us in the long term.
Project Lead