Project Name: Erdstall

Player Type: Single Player

Team Website:

Target Platform: Desktops / Laptops

Twitter: @SKiNTStudio

Local Hub: Glasgow Caledonian University

SKiNT is an independent studio based in Glasgow made up of four team members who studied together at GCU.

There are currently two programmers and two artists, but they each bring a mixture of different skills and disciplines to their respective roles.

Ross McDonald is passionate about art and games, having previously studied both, he now wishes to create a vivid and meaningful play experience. Steven Atkinson wants to use his coding, programming, and musical knowledge to create a fun and engaging game. Kyrin McHendry will lend his skills in design and business, as well as programming, to optimize the team’s production. Robb Deep is a team leader with punk sensibilities and a history in multiple artistic disciplines.

The team wishes to recapture the bold creativity and innovation of the early Playstation era, while cultivating a work ethos that treats creators fairly and encourages collaboration.

About the project

‘Erdstall’ is a first-person, esoteric horror game. The player awakens in a labyrinth made of lost underground environments. In the distance, growing ever closer, is the Minotaur, Asterion. It has the body of a man, the head of a bull, and the teeth of a lion. It’s hide bristles with the weapons of fallen enemies.

The beast is full of wrath and hungers only for human flesh. It has grown enormous over the millennia, now towering above the player with eyes of fury. In order to escape the player must navigate the distorted environments, evade the Minotaur, and find the secret at the heart of the labyrinth.


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‘Erdstall’ being chosen is very exciting for the team and I. Participating in the Tranzfuser competition grants us an opportunity to hone our skills and network with industry professionals. Having goals to aspire to will really motivate us toward achieving a successful game, but having a mentor to consult means we also have support. It is a balance that is right for us as we transition from study to a business startup. We look forward to sharing our creation and playing the work of our fellow competitors.
Project Lead